Monday, September 11, 2006


Thanks to Asha of Foodie's Hope and Madhu of Ruchi, I am being tagged for the first time. I was really hoping someone would. Now it's my turn to be in the limelight, wanna know more about me right?

I WAS: a few pounds lighter last year

I AM FROM: the wonderful, (not anymore)garden city of Bangalore

: the fun times I had with my friends in college

I SAID: I would exercise regularly but I'm feeling lazy today

I WANT TO: be the best daughter, sister, wife and mother ever

I WISH: my dad was alive

I REGRET: depending on my hubby because I'm scared to drive

I HEAR: my son coughing....poor Saakash is having a bad cold and cough...hate to see children sick

I AM: planning to do my AA degree in Child Development

I DANCE: no more......I used mom's a bharatnatyam dance teacher

I SING: film songs, bhaavageethe, rhymes as I rock Saakash to sleep

I CRY: when i think of my dad.....

I AM NOT: outgoing and bold like my sister

: very creative...I love crafting

I WRITE: recipes and monthly accounts ( not that i'm making an effort to save)

I CONFUSE: myself....I'm very absent-minded, I don't think before I speak

I NEED: to load the dishwasher....boring

I LAUGH: when my hubby sings 'Humpty Dumpty' to Saakash. He can be so funny at times

I VALUE: friendship and marriage

I LOVE: my family, dogs and my mom's cooking

I THINK: I'll skip kick-boxing today

I HOPE: I can make my life more interesting

I TAG: Sumitha of Kitchen Wonders and Sonpari of Sonpari's world

Thanks guys, I had a great time writing about myself.


Madhu said...

Hi Saakshi,
I enjoyed reading your meme. I can relate to your story of dad singing sond to the kid. My husband sing to my daugher sometime with all the wrong words...then its comedy time...
BTW how old is your son?

saakshi said...

Hey Madhu,
Thanks.....i'm laughing as i'm typing, my hubby can't figure out why his singing of humpty dumpty makes me laugh and not any other rhyme. It's just the way he sings that's funny....And my son is 19 months old

saakshi said...

How about your daughter Madhu? How old is she?

sonpari said...

hi! Thanks for tagging me.I am new to this. How am i suppose to go about this?

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Saakshi,
Nice to know u thru ur meme.
Hey my husband sings humpty dumpty in a different way (hummaty dummaty)to make my kid laugh...
It is really tough when kids get sick.. hope ur son gets well soon.

Foodie's Hope said...

I like your MeMe and your son's name, that's why your name's seudo Saakshi!! :D

Good to know you!

saakshi said...

Hi Sonpari,
It's easy....just copy the "I...." from my MEME and put in your thoughts.Happy MEMEing.

Archana said...

This meme sure sounds touching. How is your little boy doing now?

Nandita said...

Hi Saakshi ( your profile says sangeetha?)

Very nice reading your blog, my first time here...the meme was a sweet read...

cya around

Foodie's Hope said...

Sangeetha, you are missing all my desserts! Where are you these days??!! :D :D

Have a great weekend!!

Foodie's Hope said...

Sorry to bother you again Saakshi, you are busy I know but I have tagged you for '5 things to eat before I die"! Check out my blog tomorrow, not posted mine yet! write if you can! thanks!